How guest blogging is used perfectly as a SEO tool?

Today the guest blogging is popular and wide-spread and totally not dead. As the blog is the personal space of the individual, somewhere he could talk about everything that he is interested in and everything that excites him, he is free to invite other people (guests) in the same personal space. But guest blogging has indeed fine prospects in the marketing industry as well, because it is more and more often used as a SEO tool and in fact it becomes more and more successful. The real question is, however, where is the border between a guest blogging article with some links and the annoying spam?  

In fact, the real value of a guest blogging article and therefore its credibility is defined by the quality of the content and the naturalness of the following links. This means that the text must be 100% original and must be well-written. And here we may face a problem, if we have a company we want to promote, but don’t have the needed skills to write a guest blogging article. And as the goal of the business is to find solutions, some marketing companies on a high level like SMYK offer this option, to write a guest post instead of you. And this won’t be a poorly written text which contains some links in the middle of nowhere, but an article that answers people’s questions and needs and offers a link quite naturally. Those teams that offer such SEO service have different blogs specialized in different fields, with real people who write for them, with unique design and parameters and the result is more than perfect – not only more traffic and better positions in the search engines, but more audience as well. And thus guest posting on another site turns out to be more effective than on your own.

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