How to succeed when running a cleaning business?

Nowadays end of tenancy cleaning businesses are booming and that is why many people have decided to open their own cleaning agencies. The percentage of people who don’t actually succeed in this endeavour is quite big due to mismanagement, not enough knowledge of the business, not hiring the right people, etc. Thorough research is a must in order to cover all aspects of being a business owner.

The Basics

First things first – before you start your business you need to do research on the competition. You need to check how many other cleaning agencies are out there, what reviews they get from the customers and what services they offer. Once this is done, you can concentrate on step 2.

Create a business plan

This is probably the most important step you need to take before you are ready to start your business. A comprehensive business plan needs to be in place in order for you to clearly see all of your strengths and weaknesses. The business plan usually includes – the area of operation, size of business, staff, equipment and product suppliers, website creation, insurance and services offered. There are of course many other little bits and bobs that you will have to take into consideration but these are the main you should focus on.

  • Area of operation – start small and let the business grow naturally. Don’t spread yourself too much and start by covering one area at a time until you have a bigger team. If you start in many areas at once, you might risk not being able to deliver the desired results. Only go big if you have enough staff.
  • Size of business – your initial capital will be the factor, which will lead you to the size of the business. Would you have enough to start big or small? Whatever your initial capital is – don’t worry! Many businesses start on a small scale but thanks to hard work and good service they quickly move up the ladder.
  • Staff – when you are looking for staff to hire, the best approach is to hire freelance cleaners who get paid when they do a job rather than keep them on a salary. This way, you can have a large number of cleaners who don’t cost you a penny unless you make a pound.
  • Equipment and product suppliers – choose your suppliers carefully! Make sure that they are approved to deal with cleaning equipment and products by the EU. Quality services and safety of customers should be your number one priorities.
  • Website creation – it is very important to create a website to introduce your services to a wider audience. A word of mouth is a good way to get clients however a website will allow you to reach a much wider clientele. Make your website informative and easy to navigate.
  • Insurance and services – every service you offer should be guaranteed by you and every cleaner you send out should be insured. If you have service guarantees and insurance, your customers will feel safe when using your services.

Starting a new business is never easy however if done properly it can turn into a great success. The key to it all is good research and a lot of planning.

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