Money 101: how to budget?

Money is power. It doesn’t bring happiness, but too often it is one of the things required for us to be happy. Money is a goal, a goal you set when you are young and wild and ambitious and believe that if you have more, if you are wealthier, richer, your heart will be full of more joy and your life of more pleasures. You study and work and spend sleepless nights and give up on things, so as you can become more successful and better paid. Money is the motor of our society and to some extend of our lives. But the truth is that we don’t really know a lot about money – we want more of it, but we don’t manage it right, we don’t manage to use it so as it could make us happy, we don’t know how to budget. Oh, lucky you, welcome to Money 101 course. 

Know what you earn 

Are you getting the same amount of money every week, every month? Are you a freelancer? Are you having two jobs in the moment? Do you know exactly how much you get? With money, you have to be precise. If you don’t, find out. And write down how much you have earned in months this whole last year. It matters, indeed.

Know what you spend

Do you? How much you spend on coffee, on lunches, on food? How much you spend on clothes and gadgets? Do you pay rent or bills? Do you pay taxes? Be aware of the amount of money, you have to say goodbye to every month. Thus you will be able to estimate if what you get is enough, if you could afford a trip to Abu Dhabi, a new car, a new house? Write down all these, too. And voila, you are having a ready simple budget.


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