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Preparing for the TOEFL exam

The TOEFL exam is not really as difficult as you think. The most important thing, however, is quality training as well as any other exam. In fact, in preparing for the TOEFL exam, it is important not so much to know the components of the exam itself – reading, listening, speaking, writing – just as you have a proper strategy for taking the exam.

The TOEFL exam preparation options are several:

1. Self-preparation for the TOEFL exam:

It is a great option, especially if you have the necessary self-discipline, ie. to “sit” yourself and to spend the time and effort to read, listen, speak in academic English every day. The drawbacks are that there is no one to evaluate your Speaking and Writing parts, as these parts are reviewed and evaluated by people rather than by the computer program you use to prepare.

So, even if you find someone who is good in English, he / she needs to be fully acquainted with the TOEFL exam criteria in order to be able to really appreciate you. Click To Tweet

2. TOEFL Courses:

TOEFL exam preparation courses in a group are not the best option, although the market in UK is already overwhelmed by companies and developers offering such courses. A TOEFL training course in a group is ineffective because in the group (no matter how much they convince you that they have chosen you), all are at a different level and aim for a different test result. However, agree that it is one thing to prepare a person at Level B1 for a score of 88 points and a person at B2 level for over 100 points! And any serious lecturer will assure you that to score over 90 points on the TOEFL exam, the fight is for each successive point. That is, in order to score more than 90 points, one has to analyze every mistake you make, work on it, help you not repeat it. In addition, there is no one in the TOEFL preparation classes who will listen to each of the students how they speak on each of the parts of Speaking to correct and advise it.

3. Individual training / private lessons for TOEFL:

Image of studying girlThis is the best option for preparing for a TOEFL exam. If, of course, you find a good teacher. Companies and lecturers in London as much as you like! Everyone is competing to offer lower prices and attractive offers, but think about it – are you going to pay two or three times the exam fee and, in addition, to undergo this stress? Then how can we judge which lecturer or which company offers qualitative training? Our advices are:

  1. Ask as many questions as possible for the exam! If the person in the field is really trained and specialist, he will answer without hesitation even the smallest detail (for example, how much text is in the Reading section or where and what is the experimental part of the exam).
  2. If you offer training with “paper” textbooks – run! The TOEFL exam in most countries has long been Internet-based and is administered by a computer. So preparing “on paper” is an absolute waste of time and money. There are lots of software and electronic tools on the market, so any quality teacher will offer you them and TOEFL practice test. At least it’s one thing to read on paper, and quite another – on the screen. From there we do not have to comment.
  3. If someone wants your money to register for the exam – run faster! Exam registration is free and very easy, and any self-respecting lecturer (or company) will offer you for free.