How to care for your Hair Extensions

The new fashion craze….hair extensions!!! From making your hair longer or thicker to changing the colour5-things-you-should-know-about-hair-extensions and style all can be done with the different types of hair extensions available currently on the market. But with that said hair extensions need care.

Take note of the following when it comes to the care of your hair extensions:

  • Firstly when you purchase your extensions make sure you read the labelling properly to understand what specific styles your hair can be styled into
  • Before washing or sleeping you must always detangle your hair
  • Try to avoid styling your hair with heat especially on synthetic hair, if you do choose to use heat styling try to use a heat protecting spray when styling
  • Your hair should be dry before heat styling
  • Please take note that blow drying hair extensions can cause hair to tangle
  • Try styling your hair extensions before clipping them on
  • If you choose to tie your hair extension into a ponytail, make sure that the hair extension was made to be used in that specific way

 Here are some simple ways on how you can maintain your hair

 Washing hair extensions

When washing your synthetic hair only use a hair shampoo that is formulated for synthetic hair and it is best to use a mild shampoo. Certain shampoos are labelled gentle, mild or strong,

Portrait of beautiful woman washing her hair
Portrait of beautiful woman washing her hair

but then you get shampoos that are not labelled, and in that case look for a shampoo that does not contain ”sulphates”. As sulphates are a very strong cleansing agent that can be harsh on synthetic hair. Most shampoos for these hair extensions can be purchased at beauty stores.

When washing your synthetic hair try not to use very hot water as this will change the pattern of hair. Always use Luke warm water. Try using a basin filled with water and add the shampoo to the water and not directly to the hair.  And be careful as to how much shampoo you use in the water because too much can strip the hair of the chemical coatings that gives the hair its glossy shine and soft feel. Don’t rub the hair instead immerse the hair into the water and dip hair in and out of water.

Conditioning of hair Extensions

Use conditioner that is meant for synthetic hair.  And try to use your best judgement when using conditioner as using too much can weigh your hair down. Simply by adding only a capful of conditioner to the water, then leave for a few minutes and do not rinse the conditioner off. The conditioner needs to stay in the hair.

Drying of Hair

You want to begin by only using your hands, simply squeeze the water out. Move gently from top of hair to the bottom. Do not use a towel to dry your hair. If you wearing the extensions while you wash the same method applies. Then place the extensions on a towel and space the hair out as this will help to dry faster. Always air dries the extension and tries not to use the blow-dryer, as blow-drying can damage the hair. But check the instructions as some hair extensions you can use a blow-dryer.

Styling of hair Extensions

If hair extension gets tangled try using a wide tooth comb. Detangle hair by using a detangling spray or a spray bottle filled with water then start to comb from the bottom moving to the top. Use your fingers to comb through your extension if your hair is rather very curly, as this method would be gentler to the hair rather than using a comb. how-to-wash-hair-extensions-human-hairTake note if it’s a wig or clip on extensions you rather take the wig or clip on extensions off before your comb through them. When hair at the ends of the extensions start looking bad, trim off those bad parts and if hair looks dry and has no shine add light weight oils to the hair and leave for about an hour and then wipe hair gently with towel to remove excess oils.

There are various hair extensions on the market such as here, but taking care of them is a must. Most extensions can last up to a month but its best taking them out every 2-3 weeks. Using hair extensions can make one feel beautiful but do take note of the instructions that comes with caring for your hair should not go ignored. Follow the methods and you will in the end have the best results as hair extensions no matter what type is rather very easy to manage.

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