Do or don’t: the hair accessories

woman-586185_1280The hair trends are transitory and eternal in the same time. Just like there won’t be a moment ever when the blonde or the brunet would be out of date or simply not sexy, the new bronde, the mixture of the eternal two, is so trendy and so damn good-looking, that we couldn’t skip mentioning. But the accessories are a little bit tricky and we are so unsure about them, putting them on and taking them off million times before going out, regretting if we have one and being so sorry if we fail to add this little detail to our outfit. But is there a simple answer of this question: are the hair accessories do or don’t, indeed?   

From what we saw in almost every collection and on every fashion show for the autumn-winter 2015 season, we can calmly state that the hair accessories are a total must-have. They are classy and stylish and are the needed upgrading of every look. No outfit is too boring and nothing is to plain, if you add a nice and thoughtful hair accessory. The truth is, however, that no matter how trendy they are, you should be extremely careful, because what might happen is you going too further and ruining your whole look because of a simple thing in your hair. And those fails are to be remembered, believe me. So go through the collections of Chanel and Fendi, Dolce & Gabanna and Prada and see how the professionals are doing it, learn and improve your stylistic skills. There are two main types of accessories you will notice: the simple one-color ones and the jewelry ones. Use them wisely, add them nicely and make magnificent impression, outstand and go out of the box. Isn’t fashion all about it?

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