How to get fit for no money

It could be just an excuse, it could be a real reason as well, but too often I hear people telling me that they do not have the time and the money for working out. Bullshit. The reality is that they all do not have the desire. Yes, going to the gym three times a week definitely requires a lot of money and so do many of the sports and the needed equipment like tennis, golf, etc. But in fact, if you want to get fit, you will do your best and everything possible and the money won’t stop you at all. It’s simply a matter of priorities. And if you are still not convinced if something like a cheap workout truly exists, here are some of the most popular ways, the really motivated people use.  

Jogging instead going to the gym 

Do you know that jogging is maybe one of the best workout methods, because it trains different parts of your body in the same time? It’s proved and you have to believe. In fact, the advantages of this training are numerous – you can jog wherever you are – in the park before work, along the beach when you are on a holiday, everywhere. Another definitely good thing is that you need no money and motivation only. Yes, you have to have some jogging shoes, but if you are a beginner you can even start with an old pair of sneakers and it’s ok.

Playing with your kids 

They all like running and jumping and playing with a ball, or a balloon, there is no kid, who doesn’t enjoy hide and seek, or who prefers lying on the grass. So take advantage and play with them and you cannot even imagine what a wonderful workout this is.

Walk your dog 

The dogs are hyper energetic and they like being walked a lot. And you, well, you are not so keen of the idea, but you have to. They will be walking and you will be walking with them, they will run and you will run, too. You will throw a stick and they will bring it back – funny and effective. As soon as you are doing it every day, your dog will be more than happy and your figure in a better shape for sure.

Exercise at home 

There are apps and video tutorials which will show you how you can train the different parts of your body. And all you need is some time at home and no money at all. And as you definitely have a computer, you have no excuse – online you can find the most suitable training for you.

Exercise when you are away 

Ok, you are on a holiday and you have paid for a room in a lovely hotel. Have you checked if this same hotel has s gym as well? The answer is in most of the cases “yes”, go there and take advantage – this workout won’t cost you even a penny.


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