End of Tenancy Cleaning: the Workspace

More and more people these days are having their separate workspaces at home. For the people of the last century this could seem weird and pointless, but for us, it is super logical and more than convenient. The truth is that we have jobs that are not connected with working on a single machine in a factory somewhere. We have jobs that are connected with our skills and knowledge and abilities and these are all qualities and not possessions. So wherever we are with our laptops and pieces of paper for some notes, we could do much work and achieve much, as well. And why not at home. You can have your lazy morning. You can sleep till late and then have a brunch, watching a new episode of your favorite series or reading an article from the site you rely on the most. And then when you feel ready to work, you could leave the “house” and go to work – in your workspace. It sounds awesome and it is. It gives you freedom and is some kind of hedonistic view of a perfect workday. But the question now is what happens with this place, this space, when it is time for a move-out. How could you prepare it for the end of tenancy cleaning? Well, here are the few easy steps you need to follow now.


Be organized and put everything into boxes. Put labels, as well, and write all the things that could be found in this particular box so that you can save time later.


Leave absolutely nothing in this room and make sure that you haven’t forgotten something important that you will need afterwards.


If you are capable of coping with such a cleaning alone, then do it. if not, trust the experts and hire one of the best cleaning teams.

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Turn your home into a modern and impressive place with 3D Wall Panels


The walls in our home are like an empty canvas waiting to be painted. We often decide to cover this canvas with a monochrome paint layer, stick on it a wallpaper in a uniform texture, or choose a decorative plaster to diversify the vision of the room with color shades and varied shapes. Walls – this empty canvas, however, can be covered with far more impressive, modern and varied shapes and precisely for one of these forms we will speak in today’s material. It’s about 3D wall panels that are gaining more and more popularity lately, and as you will see in a moment, there’s a reason why. For those of you who are not familiar with the panels in question, we will apply a brief introduction.


Image of home

3D wall panels are used to build decorative projects around the world. One of the main reasons is that the coating offers quality finishing for every interior at an extremely competitive price. But perhaps even more important: it is possible to create a personal style and atmosphere, very easily because of the various beautiful designs available and the fact that the tiles can be painted. So the possibilities are almost endless!

They are absolutely natural and environmentally friendly, made from sugar cane fiber or bamboo pulp. They have a special texture and design that gives a great 3D effect, turning each wall into a glimpse of a decorative element. They can be placed directly on the wall or on the ceiling, they are easy to install and allow painting in different colors, but only with acrylic paint.

Using 3D panels, you can decorate all the walls in the room or achieve incredible results, creating an accentuating wall. The good choice of lighting fixtures and their correct positioning near the wall can make it a true work of art, thanks to the relief surface and its ability to refract and reflect the light.

The main advantage of 3D wall panels is more than clear – incredibly beautiful and modern end result, but there is more.

  • Create an effect with a precisely repeating embossing motif, thus ensuring that your walls look just as good.
  • Environmentally friendly material that makes them suitable for business objects as well as for residential interiors.
  • Extremely lightweight but also very durable, thanks to the glass fiber reinforcement.
  • They give the possibility of painting in different colors with proven good coverage.
  • Easy installation that you can do yourself. Click To Tweet

The 3D panel helps protect the environment.

3D wall panels are pure natural products made from recyclable raw materials – consisting of pressed bamboo fibers and sugar cane. Bamboo is a plant of enormous growth. It is one of the fastest renewable resources. 3D wall panels are environmentally friendly and biodegradable up to 100%. With them, you take responsibility for people, the environment, the climate and the future.

You already know what the advantages of 3D wall panels are good DIY living room decoration choice.

Image of woman on balcony


Image of house with balconyYou have decided to refresh the balcony and turn it from a warehouse with unnecessary and rarely used items into a place to relax, drink coffee and get rid of the heat. You’ve done it well. Make a plan what you will need as furniture – table, chairs, bed, shelves, lamp, but do not rush to buy. Think carefully about the color solution for the entire balcony. It depends a lot on it.

If your balcony is small

Stay in bright colors to create the feeling of more space. Think of light beige, pale yellow or peach. Choose contrasting furniture – in olive-green, bright blue. This will bring more mood and comfort. The other option is to choose bright yet bright colors – duck yellow, purple, orange, blue, light green. You can paint each wall in one color. Or choose a basic – yellow example and make a border on the wall in blue, red, green. No matter what color you decide to do, it is important that the basic color is as bright as possible so you do not visually reduce the space even further. True, the bright balcony will get darker, but if you decide using Alkyd paint, you can wash your walls and rails regularly with water and a brush. This will solve the problem.

If your balcony is bigger

Whatever you decide will be good. However, do not overdo the dark colors to make the atmosphere of the balcony too depressing. Paint the walls in earth colors in different shades – green, brown, beige, brick. They bring coziness, predispose to relaxation, are easier to maintain.

If your balcony is really huge, use different colors to differentiate between different areas – for relaxation, for drinking with friends, for your hobby.

Floor covering for balcony

Whatever the size of the balcony, choose a shredding pavement. The light will be very difficult to maintain. The dark will create the feeling of less space.

Think, buy the necessary paint and act. Nice work! Click To Tweet

This article is realised with the help of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London.


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Emergency Baby Costs

The emergence of a new member in the family is always associated with a lot of excitement but also with a lot of expenses.That’s why we may need extra money:

For repair

Image of babyIf for the elderly, sometimes the condition of the home is not so important and we tend to postpone unsuccessful repairs when the baby is on the road, things are changing sharply. For example, you will need to maintain a proper room temperature, and if you do not have a good insulation or the right heater, it will be difficult and expensive. Looking in perspective, the baby will start to crawl over time, and then you will want to have a suitable flooring for the purpose if you do not have one. Any repairs will be hard to do in the first years after giving birth, and you will definitely not want to be involved, so postponing is not a good idea. And it may be enough and just to make a refreshing repair and basic cleaning of the furniture and carpets to save the fragile creature excess dust and mites.

For errors in monthly budgeting

It is possible that your family finances will start in the beginning after childbirth. Click To Tweet

Especially if she is the first child. There is no proper account of how much a baby per month costs, as different things are important for parents. One thing is, if it’s on breast milk, another. if you need to buy formulated milk. You can use expensive cosmetics, and you can also trust cheaper. When it comes to puree, you may want to make homemade, but you can also prefer the convenience of the couples. In any case, if your monthly expenses make it hard for you, the online loans are just for you

For the birth

You are probably aware that birth can be without (or virtually no) money, but it can be expensive. It all depends on the choice of a state or private hospital, whether you will hire a so-called VIP room so you do not have one with other birdies, whether and where you will pay for team selection.

Many women take a quick loan for the birth of the baby so that they can spend the difficult first hours and days in proper comfort and be treated with the attention they need.

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Tips for cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is the site most in need of maintenance and cleaning since it has direct contact with water, moisture and detergents. Like the kitchen, it should be cleaned regularly so you do not have to clean it for hours to remove overlays and dirt. In addition, regular care prevents the deposition of harmful molds and microbes, thus providing a healthier environment for you and your family.

Clean and disinfect the sink

Image of sinkA very important and a key element of which should be paid attention. It is porcelain or metal and as it collects dirt in the canal, so when you wash your hands it is very likely that small drops of water will fly in all directions. Clean the soap tray. It is certainly full of both soap and dirty water.

Shower room, bathtub, toilet and everything else

Take the shower cabin with a suitable disinfectant with water-repellent effect. Since you enter nude in the bathroom, it is very likely that you get infected with a bacteria or something. The better you cleaned, the better for your health and your relatives.

Clean the lamp

No matter whether you use a simple bulb or other type of light, it is good to clean around it. Over time, the ceiling around it can acquire another color, which will be extremely ugly at the expense of the rest of the bathroom.

Wipe the floor

Go again with a damp cloth with a suitable detergent. Always clean from top to bottom. This is most effective Image of floorbecause all the dirt falls on the floor, and you finally erase it. This will ensure that the bathroom is cleaned.

Monthly cleaning

Every 2-3 months, clean the pipes in your bathroom with special detergents – to protect them from serious blockages and deposits of fat and hairs.

In the meantime, every week or a few days, you can clean the pipeline with handy means – pour half a glass of soda for bread into the canal and immediately pour half a cup of vinegar. The mixture will foam and have to stand for a few minutes until the overcoats dissolve – finally, pour a couple of glasses of boiling water to wash out the dirt.

Essex End of Tenancy Cleaners can do this job for you.

What Should You Buy, Pre-Made or Custom Baby Bedding?

The first thing that comes to an expectant parent’s mind is how to make his or her baby’s arrival into the world the most comfortable as could be. Perhaps the greatest amount of effort is placed into creating and perfect sanctuary, or nursery, and the choice of baby bedding usually untitledoccupies the top of the priority list. Since babies are ultra-sensitive to their environment, how and where your bundle of joy will lay makes all the difference in the world.

You should invest in proper baby bedding. This entails materials that are light, soft and warm against your baby’s skin. When shopping for sheets, make sure you place your baby’s comfort over how the bedding looks. You have two choices when purchasing the right baby bedding for your child. You can get them either pre-made or custom-made.

Baby bedding that is pre-made is cost effective because everything is already at your fingertips. If you decide to get pre-made baby bedding, buy them before you get anything else for you baby’s nursery so it would be easier for you to mix and match themes.

However, not all parents know what they want the nursery. In some cases, parents become too indecisive especially with the plethora of ready-made designs available in the market that they fail to choose what they want even after the baby arrives. This often results in a mad rush, with you ending up with something you don’t want.

To avoid this hassle, you always have the option to go for custom baby bedding.

Custom baby bedding is a good choice, especially if you can’t decide what material, pattern, design element you want. With custom baby bedding, you have total control over the outcome of the product, ensuring that your bedding turns out unique and you get exactly what you need. Custom baby bedding can be tailored to whatever specifications you require, so you have a more hands-on approach to deciding on your baby’s nest.
However, all the thinking that comes with custom baby bedding also induces stress. You will take charge of picking the layout, the design and order details. If you don’t like how it turns out the first time, you will need to wait to ship it to and back from its maker. While this saves time and effort of going to the store yourself, it somehow strips you of the same time and effort that would have been attributed to doing something else.
Of course, all this is subjective and depends on how you view things. Some find pre-made baby bedding shopping more convenient. But there are those who find a greater sense of personal satisfaction and a closer connection to their child with custom baby bedding.
While it’s true that custom baby bedding is relatively expensive compared to pre-made ones, you can always haggle with your manufacturer for a discount, so cost isn’t a big problem. After all, money is no object when it comes to what’s best for your child.
If you’re into a more personal approach to choosing the right stuff for your baby, custom baby bedding is for you. But if you don’t have much time, then go for the pre-made sets. What is important is that you are happy with your choice.

8 No-Sweet Tricks to Clean Any Type of Floor

Try not to break out the knee cushions and scour brushes just yet. Whether your floor is cover or tile, tile or plug, we have the most straightforward and most secure approaches to keep them looking spotless and new. Some spin mop reviews may attract your interest but read the full article before you pick it.

1.Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Your overlay may take after hardwood boards or characteristic stone tile, yet despite everything you have to tend to it as a cover. The uplifting news: Very couple of things will hurt an overlaymop_velcro_mop_and_handle floor, says Bill Dearing, president of the North American Laminate Flooring Association. All things considered, the boards are built in sun-and light-safe layers to keep up a like-new appearance for quite a long time. All things considered, it’s vital to keep water from getting underneath the boards. Dearing prescribes dry cleaning or vacuuming the floor, ensuring the machine is on tile mode (instead of cover) so the blender bar is raised. Spot-clean with a somewhat clammy wipe (or a wet Swiffer, since they aren’t sopping wet) when fundamental. Dearing’s last piece of exhortation: Never clean a cover floor. On the off chance that the complete of a board looks harmed, it’s best to supplant it.

2.Cleaning a Cork Floor

Similar quality that makes this common material so wonderful—its porosity—makes it extremely defenseless to water harm. Since it’s so spongy, most stopper deck is fixed, however despite everything you have to continue with alert. “Vacuum regularly to avert scratching, wipe up spills promptly, and wash stopper floors once per week,” says Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach. Reichert recommends skipping business cleaning items for a vinegar-and-foamy water arrangement: Place 1/4 container vinegar in a splash bottle with 1 drop of dish cleanser and warm water. Normally acidic vinegar works with the cleanser to separate soil, slice through develop and sterilize. Try not to shake the arrangement (that would make suds), just tenderly consolidate the fixings in a shower bottle by shaking it forward and backward. Splash the floor an area at once and wipe with a moist microfiber clean as you go.

3.Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors commonly have one of two completions: polyurethane or wax. Not certain what you’re remaining on? Rub your finger over the surface, says Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid. On the off chance that a smear shows up, the floor is likely waxed.

Fixed wood floors ordinarily have a urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic covering. This shields them from stains and water harm, says Roberts. To clean, basically blend some mellow or pH-unbiased cleanser (attempt Seventh Generation All-Purpose Natural Cleaner Concentrate) with water in a basin. (Avoid acidic vinegar arrangements, which can dull wood floors after some time.) Then sodden clean (make certain the wipe is wrung out exceptionally well), utilizing a go microfiber fabric to wipe away any abundance dampness. Clean high-activity regions like the kitchen once every week; for less-trafficked territories, wipe once per month.

On the off chance that you have waxed wood floors, you’re free—kind of. Since this kind of ground surface can be harmed by even little measures of water, keep soggy wipes far from this surface, and rather clear, tidy wipe or vacuum frequently.

4.Cleaning Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is economical, delightful—and now and again, gentler and more inclined to scratches and scratches than hardwood floors. Unless you have strand bamboo flooring—the hardest, most solid sort accessible—be additional cautious about frequently clearing up earth and flotsam and jetsam. “Particularly with the cost of bamboo, additional care ought to be utilized,” says Roberts, who utilizes a tennis ball to tenderly buff out imprints. She utilizes an indistinguishable cleaning arrangement on bamboo from on hardwood: blend some gentle or pH-impartial cleanser in one basin of water. Swipe crosswise over floor utilizing a scarcely moist clean, wiping up overabundance dampness with a dry microfiber fabric.

5.Cleaning a Linoleum Floor

We’re not talking about indestructible vinyl flooring (see the following segment for tips on cleaning that surface). Genuine flooring is produced using linseed oil, pitch, limestone, wood fiber and plug clean, and hued with mineral colors. Treat this strong, common deck as you would stopper, exhorts Reichert: Mix up a shower container of only a couple drops of dish cleanser and boiling point water, then spritz an area of the floor at once and wipe with a clammy microfiber wipe. The floor ought to air-dry very quickly, yet in the event that it feels marginally sticky to the touch simply swipe it with another perfect, sodden microfiber wipe or fabric.

6.Cleaning a Vinyl Floor

For week after week cleaning, utilize Reichert’s spritz-and-dry wipe method to keep tile floors looking crisp: Gently blend 1/4 glass vinegar in a 16-ounce shower bottle with 1 drop of dish cleanser and warm water. Splash the floor one segment at once and wipe with a moist microfiber wipe as you go. For occasional profound cleans, she jumps at the chance to utilize a steam cleaner to clean both tile and grout—the steam takes the necessary steps of evacuating stains (and microorganisms!), so you don’t feel like you got an additional workout in that spot in your kitchen.

7.Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

Whatever you do, leave the vinegar in the wash room, cautions Kris Koenig, CEO of eco-accommodating cleaning organization Natura Clean, in Middleton, Wiss. Indeed, even a little measure of the acidic fluid could harm stone floors, as could dye and alkali. Rather, wipe fixed stone floors with a pH-impartial, non-chelating cleaner that won’t respond antagonistically to the minerals in regular surfaces. Koenig’s most loved is Naturally It’s Clean Floors more clean.

On the off chance that your stone tiles are unlocked, says Reichert, basically wipe with a microfiber clean and boiling hot water; chemicals would enter the stone. For persistent soil, utilize a steam more clean.

8.Cleaning Porcelain Tile Flooring

For week after week cleaning, utilize Reichert’s spritz-and-dry wipe procedure to keep tile floors looking crisp: Gently blend 1/4 glass vinegar in a 16-ounce shower bottle with 1 drop of dish cleanser and warm water. Shower the floor one area at once and wipe with a clammy microfiber wipe as you go. For occasional profound cleans, she gets a kick out of the chance to utilize a steam cleaner to clean both tile and grout—the steam takes every necessary step of expelling stains (and microscopic organisms!), so you don’t feel like you’re getting an additional workout in that spot in your kitchen.

Best End of Tenancy Cleaning


The majority of landlords and tenants in London are most likely aware of what end of tenancy cleaning is, it’s relevance, and importance in property management. We at SYK Cleaning will genuinely guarantee all our clients our utmost vigilance, highest standards of professionalism and the most reliable cleaning services in town. Our vast experience in this industry has been crucial in understanding our customers’ various requirements and by engaging our brilliant team and state-of-the-art equipment, we strive to ensure a hassle free transition.

When a tenant vacates a premise, the landlord or letting agent has to make sure that the property is properly prepared in readiness for the next prospective client. Should you engage us, we will not only endeavor to satisfy your every need, but we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work. We at SYK Cleaning, as we strive to conserve our environment, use only cleaning chemicals that are certified by the government as well as other regulatory bodies, and most importantly chemicals that are proven to have no adverse side effects on the environment.

At SYK Cleaning, we offer an all-inclusive end of tenancy cleaning service that will fully cover all the various rooms in any property. We will clean out all surfaces and any equipment in the kitchen such as cupboards, dishwashers, fridges, etc. In the bathrooms, we will use specialized chemicals to scrub and polish tiles, sinks, and tubs. We also clean carpets, redo paint jobs as well as change or repair wallpaper. Any custom requirements will be executed upon the client’s request.

Our commitment is to ensure a mutually beneficial and enjoyable experience as we work together to make sure that you get the best out of your property. All your feedback is welcome, highly appreciated, and should be made through our official contacts. 

Top 2 autumn cleaning disasters

Any season comes with its own problems. The lovely and inspiring spring comes with a cleaning, the super favorite summer is always combined with heat and absence of the city, of the house, which leads to a little nightmare. And here comes the autumn – the season you believe you love, the time of balance, the calmness and the cuddles. And while you are performing the regular fall clean-up (or you are hiring one of the best London’s cleaners), while you are getting all the blankets and cushions out of the wardrobe and while you are preparing another mug of hot chocolate, some autumn cleaning disasters are waiting just around the corner and you better be aware of them.

The candles

I bet that you all love them. They are a total must-have, they bring the nice scents, make the air smell delicious. They make the entire space so cosy, that you are lighting them the second you go home. And super logically they are all over your home. However, they may be your biggest enemy. If you are not paying attention for an hour, a minute, a second, they may start flowing over your furniture and fabrics and spoil them for good. autumn-smilingThe simple tip is: don’t forget them even for a second.

I always appreciate the help of professional cleaners such as this company here.

The mud

The weather is rainy and cloudy again. The umbrellas are always in our handbags. The jackets are out and we are out in the rain with boots and wide smiles, because it is kind of charming after all and the park is thus so lovely. And then you go back in your splendid home and moreover right with those muddy shoes on the white carpeting of your rented house. The one and only solution of this amazing situation is hiring the very best for a deep carpet cleaning.

How to: removing permanent marker stains

Oh God, what could you do now? Is it all over? Should you say good-bye to the awesome perfection?

How toMarkerCalm down, nothing in life is final and if you follow these simple steps carefully, properly and calmly, everything will be ok in minutes.

For more interesting tips ask SYK Cleaning Company, just click here.

The upholstery

The first thing needed is patience, because if you hurry too much you won’t be able to achieve anything. Mix some dishwashing detergent and white vinegar and then apply it with a rag on the stains. Leave it there for about half an hour and with a wet clout thereafter blot until everything is removed. Use an alcohol, vodka, for instance, and apply it on the stains so that you can achieve absolutely perfect results. Wait until it dries up. This same solution is totally applicable to carpet and every other type of fabrics as well.

The wood

You will be amazed by the easiness of this solution. Get a non-gel tooth paste, apply it on the stain and then scrub it carefully until it is all gone.

The walls

Here the trick is hidden in the hand sanitizer. Use it to get rid of the stains and with it you won’t remove the paint from the walls, which is pretty relevant.