Cleaning after builders can be a true nightmare

I am currently having major renovations done to my home and at the moment it looks like a war zone with builders coming in and out and each one renovating a different area. I am very happy that all the teams are working together as this means that my home will be ready quickly. What I am worried about however is that all that dust and dirt is building up and I can’t keep up on top of it. I shared my thoughts and concerns with a friend of mine over lunch the other day and she had a brilliant idea.

She advised me to look into hiring professional cleaners who could come at the end of every day and clean after the builders. You can check them out here.

I have never used the services of cleaning agencies but I have decided to give it a go.

Home renovations and building improvements always cause the buildup of dirt and dust.

Most commonly you will find traces of paint everywhere and concrete dust stuck to your furniture or carpets. That is why it is imperative to get help. I started my research by checking out the recommended by my friend cleaning agency and comparing it to two others that I have found through the search engines. I compared prices, services and recommendations, which took me approximately one hour. The company I chose won me over by offering brilliant services at great prices and they also had 100% positive feedback, which says a lot about their customer service and cleaning abilities.

On the day of the clean, the cleaners arrived just on time and got on with their job straight away.

My builders have managed to leave a pretty big mess so the cleaners were facing a real challenge. In order to make sure every area is spotless, they had an after builders cleaning check list that they used as they were cleaning. The checklist included the cleaning of all windows and window frames on the inside, the careful cleaning of all switches, sockets and skirting boards, all rooms in the house including the kitchen plus the cleaning of the cupboards and wardrobes on the inside and the outside. Even though I didn’t have any work done in the bathroom, the cleaners advised me that all that dust is spreading everywhere so they carefully cleaned and sanitized the bathroom and the toilet. All floors in the rooms were hovered in order to remove dust. Deep carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning was not included in the after builders cleaning however I decided to pay extra and get that done as well. I was advised to opt for that service once per week until the builders are finished.

I was very pleased with the result. My home was nice and clean and it smelled extremely fresh as if no builders have ever entered it. I was very happy with the choice I have made and I will strongly recommend the team to all my friends. The quote I received was based on my property needs and I have to say that the after builders cleaning was more than worth it. Now I can rest assured that my family and my pets are safe in this crazy building environment.

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