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Image of house with balconyYou have decided to refresh the balcony and turn it from a warehouse with unnecessary and rarely used items into a place to relax, drink coffee and get rid of the heat. You’ve done it well. Make a plan what you will need as furniture – table, chairs, bed, shelves, lamp, but do not rush to buy. Think carefully about the color solution for the entire balcony. It depends a lot on it.

If your balcony is small

Stay in bright colors to create the feeling of more space. Think of light beige, pale yellow or peach. Choose contrasting furniture – in olive-green, bright blue. This will bring more mood and comfort. The other option is to choose bright yet bright colors – duck yellow, purple, orange, blue, light green. You can paint each wall in one color. Or choose a basic – yellow example and make a border on the wall in blue, red, green. No matter what color you decide to do, it is important that the basic color is as bright as possible so you do not visually reduce the space even further. True, the bright balcony will get darker, but if you decide using Alkyd paint, you can wash your walls and rails regularly with water and a brush. This will solve the problem.

If your balcony is bigger

Whatever you decide will be good. However, do not overdo the dark colors to make the atmosphere of the balcony too depressing. Paint the walls in earth colors in different shades – green, brown, beige, brick. They bring coziness, predispose to relaxation, are easier to maintain.

If your balcony is really huge, use different colors to differentiate between different areas – for relaxation, for drinking with friends, for your hobby.

Floor covering for balcony

Whatever the size of the balcony, choose a shredding pavement. The light will be very difficult to maintain. The dark will create the feeling of less space.

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