Fall cleaning is the new spring cleaning

OK, you got used to the tedious end of tenancy cleaning which comes with every end of the rent agreement and move out, you even got used to the spring cleaning that has to be done absolutely every year. Yeah, you started preparing yourself for it since Christmas and because of the great enthusiasm of the upcoming sunny, warm and optimistic season, you somehow accepted the spring cleaning as well. But recently more and more people are trying to convince you that performing this cleaning only is absolutely not enough and that you have to take care of your home more frequently and the fall cleaning became the new trend. At first you were a lot skeptical, but then you realized that this whole thing could be meaningful somehow, and because you want to be a good person who pays attention to the home maintenance, you are now all set to perform the fall cleaning.

Well, it’s nothing that hard. You can follow the steps or you can hire professionals cleaners to do the job for you.


In the spring they are more than dirty because of the rain and the snow and the whole unpleasant weather condition situation. Now, however, they need only some refreshment. So you need nothing more than water, a wet clout and a microfiber cloth. The detergent will help you and will make them look even better, but it’s not mandatory for this season’s clean-up.


If you live in a rented property, cleaning the walls not only once a year is maybe the best idea. Because this kind of spots – the ones that are on the walls – must be cleaned as soon as possible. And if there are some fingerprints from your kid’s birthday in august, and you do not clean them till spring, you most probably won’t be able to clean them at all.


One of the main goals of this cleaning is also the preparation for the upcoming winter. And as the winter is the season for cuddling, staying at home, laying on the sofa with a blanket and a book, you better wash all the textiles. This means pillows, blankets, mattress covers, sheets and so on. Do it now and you will be more than grateful in the first cold day when you think only about coming at home and slipping into bed.


We all have that carpeted floor we adore. And in the summer we don’t really spend that much time at home, because we got to work, we go on a holiday and when we end up at home, we decide that we better go on a picnic in the park, or hiking, or shopping, or simply in the backyard relishing the sun. In the winter, however, we spend most of our time in the living room. So we better vacuum-clean it or even hire one of the best London’s professional cleaners to do it instead of us, because the deep carpet cleaning is one of the most crucial preparations for the winter.

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