Five easy steps for cleaning your bedroom

They say your bedroom is your place – somewhere to relax, to forget all your everyday problems. Going back from work you think about your cozy bed and the idea of sharing it with a beloved one. But what happens when this heavenly place needs refreshment. It’s too soon for the move out cleaning, but you know you have to do something; you cannot just stay and stare. So the great postponement starts and you tell yourself that there’s nothing urgent until the day comes, when there is too much dust on the frame for the photo to be seen.

1. Change the bed sheets

The bed is obviously the most essential part of this room. So start by taking care of it. Changing the bed sheets is something we often underestimate, but the truth is that the feeling of taking a nap in the refreshed bed is absolutely priceless.

2. Clean the windows

That’s probably the most unpleasant part of cleaning the room. The windows are often way too high and we need a chair or a ladder so as to reach them. So find something steady and start by washing the windows with a simple wet clout. Thus when you start using some kind of glass cleaner it would be much easier and you will be amazed by the perfect result.

3. Wash the curtains and clean the window blinds

Now so as to finish with the windows you have to take care of the curtains and/or the window blinds. Take off the curtains and put them in the washing machine. If you don’t have one, make sure that you will find a laundry nearby and won’t have to take them 2 miles away. Cleaning the window blinds is a little bit easier.

You will need only a wet clout to take all the dust away and for a better result you can use the glass cleaner again.

4. Vacuum-cleaner

The moment we all thank the nice person who invented this divine device comes. With the vacuum-cleaner we can clean the whole room in a small amount of time. So ignore the annoying noise and get started. No matter if there is a carpet or the floor is inlaid, there is nothing the vacuum-cleaner cannot cope with /except for some stains that need special care and should be removed during the post tenancy cleaning/.

5. Clean out the dust

Cleaning the dust is the last but the most time-consuming part of the whole bedroom cleaning. First thing you have to do is to find the right cleaning tools. A wet clout could be enough but if you strive for perfection you better find a detergent. There are some for furniture polish that can make everything shine. Now take all your stuff from the shelves and put them on the table or the desk. Clean them first and then start with the furniture. When you are ready you can even rearrange your photos, souvenirs, candles, etc. and make your bedroom look a lot different.

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