How to keep the carpet in tip top condition

I have recently decided to install a carpet throughout my entire apartment. I love the warm feeling a carpet gives and that is what lead me to my decision. I chose a creamy colored one with a shaggy finish for my bedroom and a creamy colored plain one for the rest of the apartment. In order to show off my new carpet, I threw a party for my closest friends and my family. Everybody loved the finished look of my floors and the warmth the carpet has brought to my home. We partied until the early hours of the morning and when everybody left, I was just glad to rest and go to bed.

When I got up however I was shocked – my brand new carpet looked like it had survived a war.

I could see shoe marks everywhere and to my horror, I also saw red wine stains. I was devastated, to say the least, and totally puzzled as I had no idea how to clean it. I sat on my computer and started searching for ideas on how to get my carpet back to its brand new state. I got overwhelmed with all the tips and ideas people had put on various websites. The products that were needed for me to do what they have suggested would cost me a small fortune. That is why I decided to look for professional help.

My sister always tells me how she gets her regular cleaners every month to clean her property and make it dust and bacteria free.

I never paid much attention to that as I thought I can clean my own place to such a state and she only hires help because she has 3 children and she works full time. However, I now think that the help of a professional cleaner can be very useful. I have never used any cleaning agencies so I had to start my research from scratch. I checked prices and recommendations and decided to contact a few agencies in order to get a quote for carpet cleaning.

It turns out that it is not that easy to make a choice when it comes to carpet cleaning.

I didn’t go for the cheapest quote but for the company that offered to clean my carpet with eco-friendly and biodegradable products thus caring for my safety and keeping the carpet bright and fresh. The carpet cleaning equipment that they used was top of the range and it did miracles. It took the team 2 hours to tackle all the dirt and stains but in the end, the result was brilliant. My carpet looked fantastic and smelled better than when initially installed.

I have to say that using a cleaning agency was a very good decision on my part as the cleaners saved me time, money and efforts. The quote I was given was inclusive of everything and I was also told that the service is 100% guaranteed, which meant that if I was unhappy they would have returned and cleaned again. The cleaners came on time and left on time. They were more than professional and very friendly. I can now have more parties without worrying that my carpet would be ruined as I now know who can save me.

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