How to: laundry places in small houses

Having a spacious laundry room in your home is undoubtedly the best option. Too often, however, when we have to rent or buy a house, we have to compromise with the price and the location and with the area as well. So we end up with wonderful flat in the center of the city, which is unfortunately not that big. And taking all your clothes to the dry cleaners every week or even twice a week, is definitely not a good idea for a person with busy lifestyle, challenging job, and a desire to rest and travel and be at ease at the weekends. So you have now decided that you will have to make a little laundry place somewhere in your house.

Well, it’s not that difficult, if you really want it, you will always find a way.

In the kitchen

No matter how small your home is, it probably has a kitchen with a completely satisfying area. At first, you probably think that you have to store too many kitchen utensils and cups and glasses, plates, pans, pots, and bakery stuff. You will need some space for all the goods, too, and for appliances like the oven, the fridge and the dish-washer. However, you can still find a place 60cm wide where the washing machine will fit perfectly. Well, probably you won’t be able to find some space for the dryer as well, but you can use an indoor clothes airer which is not the best option, but is still far better than running to the dry cleaners in a wonderful Monday morning for your shirt.

In a wardrobe

There are too many wardrobes in this house and not enough space. Well, why don’t you hide the washing machine in one of them? In fact, this is really popular solution for small places. You can have the washing machine and the dryer one over another and then arrange them in a wardrobe so that they cannot be seen. And thus you can situate them in every room. Your house has, for instance, a really huge bedroom. Ok, put the wardrobe with the appliances in it there and no one will ever understand. This solution brings freedom. Today, your home has to be convenient and that is one of the best ways.

Behind curtains

The whole wardrobe idea is unique, but you need more money, because you not only have to buy the both appliances, but you have to spend money for buying a wardrobe, transporting it and, if you cannot do it by yourself, for assembling it as well. So there is one last solution that is thriftier. You can choose a place in your home and put the washing machine there and then you can simply chose a shelf that suits perfectly, put it over the appliance and put some curtains. The laundry place will remain hidden and the money in your bank account as well. Everyone is happy and satisfied in this case.


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