How to: removing permanent marker stains

Oh God, what could you do now? Is it all over? Should you say good-bye to the awesome perfection?

How toMarkerCalm down, nothing in life is final and if you follow these simple steps carefully, properly and calmly, everything will be ok in minutes.

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The upholstery

The first thing needed is patience, because if you hurry too much you won’t be able to achieve anything. Mix some dishwashing detergent and white vinegar and then apply it with a rag on the stains. Leave it there for about half an hour and with a wet clout thereafter blot until everything is removed. Use an alcohol, vodka, for instance, and apply it on the stains so that you can achieve absolutely perfect results. Wait until it dries up. This same solution is totally applicable to carpet and every other type of fabrics as well.

The wood

You will be amazed by the easiness of this solution. Get a non-gel tooth paste, apply it on the stain and then scrub it carefully until it is all gone.

The walls

Here the trick is hidden in the hand sanitizer. Use it to get rid of the stains and with it you won’t remove the paint from the walls, which is pretty relevant.


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