Tips for cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is the site most in need of maintenance and cleaning since it has direct contact with water, moisture and detergents. Like the kitchen, it should be cleaned regularly so you do not have to clean it for hours to remove overlays and dirt. In addition, regular care prevents the deposition of harmful molds and microbes, thus providing a healthier environment for you and your family.

Clean and disinfect the sink

Image of sinkA very important and a key element of which should be paid attention. It is porcelain or metal and as it collects dirt in the canal, so when you wash your hands it is very likely that small drops of water will fly in all directions. Clean the soap tray. It is certainly full of both soap and dirty water.

Shower room, bathtub, toilet and everything else

Take the shower cabin with a suitable disinfectant with water-repellent effect. Since you enter nude in the bathroom, it is very likely that you get infected with a bacteria or something. The better you cleaned, the better for your health and your relatives.

Clean the lamp

No matter whether you use a simple bulb or other type of light, it is good to clean around it. Over time, the ceiling around it can acquire another color, which will be extremely ugly at the expense of the rest of the bathroom.

Wipe the floor

Go again with a damp cloth with a suitable detergent. Always clean from top to bottom. This is most effective Image of floorbecause all the dirt falls on the floor, and you finally erase it. This will ensure that the bathroom is cleaned.

Monthly cleaning

Every 2-3 months, clean the pipes in your bathroom with special detergents – to protect them from serious blockages and deposits of fat and hairs.

In the meantime, every week or a few days, you can clean the pipeline with handy means – pour half a glass of soda for bread into the canal and immediately pour half a cup of vinegar. The mixture will foam and have to stand for a few minutes until the overcoats dissolve – finally, pour a couple of glasses of boiling water to wash out the dirt.

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