Top tips on how to do spring cleaning

The spring season is upon us and most people are getting ready to do their spring cleaning in order to refresh their homes after the long winter and create a bright and healthy atmosphere for their family. Spring cleaning can be very overwhelming especially if you have decided to tackle it on your own. If you are lucky enough to have trusted a cleaning agency then good for you but for all those people who have decided that they will manage on their own here are some very helpful tips that can ease the work.

These tips are provided by the End of tenancy cleaning agency in Islington

Create a checklist

First and foremost before you start the cleaning itself, you need to create a thorough plan of what you are going to do and what areas you are going to clean. You may think that this is unnecessary however once you do it, you will see how easy it is to follow it thus saving some time.

Organize your closets

Organizing and binning or donating all unwanted clothing items are the first steps to take. Color coordinate the look of the wardrobe and put at the front all those clothes that you wear regularly and right at the back the items you rarely put on. This way, you will have a nice and organized wardrobe consisting of the things you want and need. Do the same with your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers throwing away all unnecessary things.

Remove odors and stains

Imagine all the stains on your carpet or upholstery from your coffee or the kids’ juice – nightmare.

Removing odors and stains is the first step to a fresher home.

Use steaming as a method of stain and odor removal. If you find stains that prove a lot tougher to clean than expected you can use a solution made of half water, half vinegar and treat the stain with it. Then rinse and dry. In some cases you may not be able to manage the stains so you can call in the professional cleaners to help you.

Clean your walls

If your walls are painted then you may want to just freshen them up a little rather than repaint them. In order to do that you can use a cloth dampened with water. Make sure that the cloth is clean for optimal results. For tougher stains you can use a tiny bit of washing up liquid in the mixture. Sometimes soap can be applied on the cloth in order to fight stubborn stains. Always rinse the wall after the stains have been removed. If you have wallpaper, check with the manufacturer if it can be wiped with a wet cloth or not.

Carpet cleaning

Last but not least comes the carpet cleaning. It is advisable to do this last so you can exit the property and let the carpet dry for at least one hour before you can step on it again. Carpets see a lot of traffic everyday and that is why they collect a lot of unpleasant odors regardless of how careful you are. Use a cleaning solution that gets rid of stains, vacuum the carpet and that should do it. Make sure that you try the cleaning solution on a little area of the carpet in order to make sure it is the right one. Your carpet will stay cleaner for longer if you take your shoes off but keep your socks on so the oil that your skin releases doesn’t get into the fibers of the carpet.

Follow these tips to refresh your home and get it ready for the spring. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always rely on the professionals to do it for you.

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