Why are you vacuum-cleaning wrong

There are some precious cleaning tools, I would be dead if I couldn’t use and the vacuum-cleaner is on the top of this list together with the microfiber cloth and the holy mop. And right, they are all purpose and easy to use, efficient and accessible. You don’t need to spend your entire salary to buy one and you don’t need to spend your entire Saturday then to clean with it. So it’s all right. You love them. In fact, everybody loves them, because they are amazing and just awesome.

But how would you react if I tell you that you are simply not using the vacuum-cleaner right, you have been doing it wrong this whole time and thus the results were somehow satisfying, but not the best ones possible at all.

They were completely enough for the mediocre people, but don’t you strive for greatness and perfection? Hell, you should always want more in your life, and this is valid for the cleaning as well. Don’t be somewhere in the middle, avoid these stupid little mistakes next time, and be flawless.  

The bag 

Let’s be honest now. In the reality, too often, you even forget about the existence of this part of the vacuum-cleaner and you think of it somewhere after the complete refusal of the appliance and before you decide to throw it away. Oh, right, you have to empty it. And in fact if you want to work efficiently with it, you should not wait until the bag is absolutely full with dust and dirt and hair, but you have to take care of it regularly. Start doing it and I promise you that sooner than you expect you will notice far better results.

The filters

And if you think of the bag at some moment, you knew nothing about the filters until you hired one of the London’s professional cleaners once for an end of tenancy cleaning and the lovely experts explained you then that maybe for this reason you cannot clean deeply the floor at all. The filters accumulate a lot of dirt and when you don’t clean them, they do not allow the vacuum-cleaner to work properly and you end up spending the same amount of time and energy and achieving absolutely nothing. And this is sad, because you had some desire and you made some efforts, so you deserve some kind of result.

The attachments

Did your vacuum-cleaner come with attachments? Or it didn’t? Well, it probably did and you probably take them and put them in a place, where they stay forgotten and unused for so long. In fact they can help you a lot, because there are attachments for cleaning fabrics, for instance, and you can easily take care of the couches. With the wall-cleaning attachment you can get rid of the dust that all the walls have accumulated and so on. You simply cannot imagine, how much time you may save yourself, if you just clean properly.






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