How to Get Lucky with Money and What Brings Luck with Money

The Betflik11 most famous superstitions for attracting money
In different cultures, including ours, there are many superstitions and sayings about what to do for luck in life and objects meant to bring prosperity to your life. From ancient times to the present day, people tend to believe superstitions for attracting money and use lucky objects and talismans for money, attributing to them some effectiveness in their economic prosperity.

1. What brings luck to money: found money brings you luck
learn how to get lucky with money
If you want to know how to get lucky with money, don’t refuse even the smallest sign from fate. When you find a coin on the ground, pick it up and keep it, because otherwise it is said that you refuse luck. You also need to know what to carry in your wallet to get lucky with money.

A holed coin is also part of the category of what to carry in your wallet to be lucky with money, which is another money-bringing talisman. If luck in money is not on your side at the moment, carry a good luck coin with you and you will see how your financial situation will change!

Do not pick up money if you find it at a crossroads, because it is said that you will end up spending a lot more in time to solve health problems. Also, if the coin found on the ground has the coat of arms up, do not pick it up, because it will bring you financial losses.

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2. Give to receive
Have you ever heard that in life what you do comes back to you, be it good or bad? If you’re wondering how to get lucky with money, it’s time to start being more generous and stop counting every penny. Give money to people in need, and when you go out to a terrace or a restaurant don’t hesitate to leave a tip, because it will come back to you threefold.

3. Live as if you already have money luck
If you are wondering what to do to get lucky with money, start living as if you are already doing very well. This does not mean spending excessively, but rather stop worrying and look at everything lightly, thus bringing more positive energy into your life.

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4. Leave money under the table
Money attracts other money, so if you don’t know how to get lucky with money, it’s time to turn to this little superstition: hide a coin under the tablecloth, because it will bring you prosperity.

5. What to do to be lucky in life: keep all your money in one place, don’t scatter it
Also regarding what to do to be lucky in life, more precisely with money, you must know that you must keep the money in the same place. Here we are not referring to the money you keep in the bank, in the account, but to those you have at home. If you’re wondering what to do to get lucky with money, find out that you don’t have to leave it scattered in your bags, drawers and on your desk.

Keep them all in the same place: you can have a jar to keep all the small things and the bills neatly placed in your wallet. Constantly count the money you have – this is also said to bring good luck – and always collect it with an end goal in mind!

6. What brings luck with money: a red wallet with a valuable gem in it
One of the lesser known superstitions about what to do to get lucky in life financially is the one related to the purse where you keep your money and what to carry in your wallet to get lucky with money. It should be red in color and when you buy it it is good to initially hold a valuable gold gem in it. So, along with the items already mentioned, here’s what you need to carry in your wallet to attract luck – a valuable piece of jewelry.

7. How to be lucky with money: receive and give wallets, but with money inside
Also on the subject of what to do to be lucky in life, we can mention wallets received or given as gifts. If someone gives it to you as a gift, it is recommended that they give it to you with a symbolic amount in it – the same applies to situations where you buy a purse for someone.

Don’t throw away old wallets, and the one you use frequently make sure you never keep it empty. Also, don’t show other people how much money you have in it!

8. Keep your wallet as tidy as possible
what to carry in your wallet to be lucky with money
Many superstitions are related to the wallet, and not only why you should carry a wallet, but also how you should, another superstition says that a tidy wallet is like a money-bringing talisman. The papers you keep in your wallet should be clean and arranged as nicely as possible, without being crumpled.

9. How to get lucky with money: Carry money in your pocket on your birthday
If you are wondering how to get luck on your side, know that on your birthday, as well as on New Year’s Eve, it is said to be good to have money with you – and not just to honor your friends, but also because this will help you have money luck. The money comes into your hands by itself if you carry that amount in your left pocket.

Your birthday is also an ideal opportunity to buy yourself a piggy bank or open an account in which to start saving, thereby attracting prosperity.

10. Be careful when you borrow money and when you start saving
Do not lend money to anyone on Mondays or on the first day of the month, because you risk giving money further. On the other hand, if you want to save and don’t know how to get lucky with money, find out that the lucky day to start collecting money is Thursday. See how to make a plan to save money to invest later and make a profit!

11. What brings luck to money: the triangle and the pyramid
The triangle and the pyramid are objects in the money-luck category that you should have around. It was not for nothing that the Egyptians were fascinated by the pyramids, and the ancient Greeks had discovered that the shape of the triangle had sacred meanings that were difficult for the common man to understand.

These shapes can have miraculous properties, so if you want to know how to attract luck to your side, don’t hesitate to use these shapes in your home! Fold a banknote into a triangle and keep it in your wallet as it will help you attract money into your life.

12. Money comes into your hands by itself if you carry leaves of certain plants in your left pocket
The beliefs of the elders say that money comes into your hands by itself if you carry a rosemary or coriander leaf in your left pocket, these are considered plants that bring prosperity to life and home. There are other plants that can bring prosperity to the house, such as bay leaves or the well-known 4-leaf clover.

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Why I am no longer lucky with money – What NOT to do to have luck with money
Have you ever asked yourself the question Why am I no longer lucky with money? There are many superstitions that say what NOT to do if you want to know how to attract luck to your side, and in the following we will present you 10 things you should not do if you want to know how to be lucky with money.

Don’t enter the New Year without paying off all your debts
Why am I no longer lucky with money?
There are many superstitions for attracting money in the New Year, the most well-known being related to what to carry with you to have luck with money. We mean here wearing something red and money in your pocket. Less well known is the superstition that you should enter the New Year with all debts paid for money luck.

Don’t enter the New Year without paying back all the borrowed money
Also regarding the balance of years and economic prosperity, you must know that you must not enter the New Year without taking back your borrowed money. If you borrowed money during the year, make sure you get the money back at the end of the year to start the New Year with money luck.

If you want to make a change in the New Year and you managed to raise enough money last year, you can think about making some short-term investments .

Don’t put your left foot down the first time you get out of bed in the morning
A good day is known from the morning and you should start the day right, literally. Superstitions say you shouldn’t get out of bed in the morning by putting your left foot down first. Also, you shouldn’t be looking for one slipper while wearing the other one. Wear both at the same time!

Do not eat or drink from broken or cracked crockery
Broken or cracked crockery brings bad luck because your life can spoil like a used glass or plate. It would be better to throw away the broken or cracked crockery and always eat / drink from the good crockery!

Don’t let a person cross your threshold without two crossed elder branches above the door.
To bring good luck into your home, place two elderberry branches crossed over the front door. Thus, you will prevent any evil from entering your home.

Do not keep coins from another country, unless they are silver!
Many people use to keep coins from other state when they travel, but few know that only silver talisman coins from that state are lucky. So, on your next trip, opt for such a money-making talisman coin.

Do not leave bread on the table or throw away even the corners of the bread
If you’re interested in how to get lucky with money, learn that you shouldn’t leave bread on the table after you’re done eating, and you shouldn’t throw away leftover or dry bread either. If you have an animal at home, feed it or even give it to the birds, but don’t throw it away!

Don’t give the last coin in your wallet to someone else
The last coin is also part of the category of what to carry in your wallet to be lucky with money, or rather, what not to take out of your wallet. The last coin in your wallet is very important when we talk about how to get money luck. Don’t give this last coin to someone else, and don’t give the change you got after buying bread or salt to the poor.

Do not place your bag or wallet on the floor
If you are interested in how to get lucky in life, don’t leave your handbag, purse or wallet on the floor because you risk getting damaged. This superstition comes more from Asian culture, in feng shui it is considered disrespectful to money left on the floor.

The science on which the feng shui culture is based explains the logic of this superstition: the floor is considered an earth element, while money is a water element, and earth destroys water. Translating the superstition, it is believed that the floor destroys the money in the bag or wallet, so luck with money.

Don’t count the money in the piggy bank or put the money in a tube
Do you tend to collect your change in a piggy bank? If so, don’t count the money raised in this one because you won’t have any luck in raising money. Also, don’t keep money in a tube, and especially don’t walk money around if it’s in a tube-type storage object.

What brings luck to money: talismans for money from Romanian culture
There are certain objects that help you attract money and prosperity, each culture having its own talismans. Here is what brings luck to money according to the belief in Romanian culture:

Four-leaf clover : This represents prosperity, abundance and health. In fact, each phrase has a specific meaning. Specifically, the first leaf signifies trust, respect and fame, the second leaf signifies hope, wealth and fortune, the third leaf is associated with love, and the fourth leaf with luck. That is why the four-leaf clover is considered a lucky element. If you are interested in lucky money plants, planting clover could be a good choice. You can also find many lucky charms for money with clovers.
Horseshoe: is another good luck talisman that Romanians often wear. Wearing horseshoes as amulets to attract money or even simply placing them in the house protects the wearer and the people around them and brings prosperity, including at the economic level. The horseshoe is considered luckier if it is worn. However, considering that you can’t easily get hold of such a horseshoe, you can turn to lucky charms.
Ladybug : Another money charm you can wear is the ladybug which can bring you both luck in money and luck in love. Whether you wear it as a lucky charm or meet it, you’ll know that luck is on your side. You can find such amulets for attracting money at a very convenient price on sales platforms such as OLX or Okazii .
Feng shui objects that bring luck to money
Even successful people need luck and can use feng shui items that bring luck to money. Continue to discover the most famous feng shui objects that can bring you luck!

Frog feng shui
Perhaps one of the most famous feng shui objects that bring luck to money is the feng shui frog that you can find as a statuette to place in the house. The money-bringing frog can also be worn as a money amulet.

If you opt for a statuette and want to know where the feng shui frog is placed, the right place is facing the entrance door, at an angle of 45 degrees. The 3-legged feng shui frog will bring prosperity to the house, being an auspicious sign. You will find such a feng shui frog with money in its mouth to have more luck and make money fast .

Elephant is one of those money bringing amulets that will attract wealth on many levels. You can wear it as a lucky talisman or place an elephant figurine in your home. In feng shui, the elephant is associated with power, fertility, luck, success, but also wisdom and longevity.

An elephant with its trunk up is considered auspicious and will bring prosperity, luck and success. The elephant with its trunk down is also an auspicious sign, only it is more associated with longevity, fertility and the power to overcome various obstacles.

Lucky plants – bamboo
If we talk about lucky plants, bamboo is a plant that brings good luck to money.

Bamboo brings you financial luck and boosts your spirits, and you can opt for either a larger plant or a single strand, which is enough to bring you luck.

Other money-making flowers that you can put in your home to bring good luck are orchids and figs.

Wind chimes
Wind chimes are another item that brings money luck in feng shui. They repel negative energies and attract positive energy when ringing. They can be placed on the balcony, in a corner of the house and even outside the home.

what brings luck to money
Chinese pennies
Among the most popular lucky feng shui objects are Chinese pennies that bring prosperity to the house where they are found.

They are located by the front door and you need 6 or 9 pennies of this type which you will tie with a red bow for more luck.

If you want to place the pennies on a door inside the house, you can use less pennies.

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