How to quickly meet minimum Winbet wagering requirements

Once Xoslot you become a player here, you benefit from the Winbet welcome bonus with a deposit of up to 5,000 RON, 100 free bets and 200 free rounds on your first 3 deposits to the player account. In fact, the casino rewards you with 6 consecutive bonuses awarded during your first 3 deposits as follows:

On your first deposit you get a 100% Bonus up to 2,000 RON + a Free Gift Bonus of 50 RON for a free bet in the Sports section
On the second deposit you win 125% Bonus up to 1,500 RON + a Gift Bonus of 50 RON for a free bet in the Live section
On the third deposit you get 150% Bonus up to 1,500 RON + Gift Bonus of 200 free spins valid on the EGT Digital Versailles Gold slot
So every deposit also brings you a free gift bonus and most importantly, no rollover requirements. With these bonuses you will play without any risk and you will be able to withdraw your winnings immediately.

To remember!
So, the free bets of 50 RON each on Sport and Live, as well as the 200 free spins have no rollover requirements, which means that once you get a win, you will be able to withdraw it without rolling the amount won a certain number of times . The only bonuses subject to rollover requirements are cash bonuses on the first 3 deposits.
Because the only rollover requirements you need to meet are those related to cash bonuses, we’ll show you what they are and how you can quickly meet them. Once you’ve activated a bonus, you only have 2 days to complete the bonus’s rollover requirements.

Even if you have less time available to reach the minimum turnover, it is not impossible to achieve, and the 2 days are enough.

Winbet rollover conditions for all 3 bonuses on the first 3 deposits are 30x and apply to both the amount deposited and the bonus received. For example, if your first deposit is 50 RON and you receive a bonus of 50 RON (because the first deposit is doubled), then you will make the following turnover: (50 RON deposit + 50 RON bonus) x 30 turnover = 3,000 RON. So, you will run 3,000 RON before withdrawing the winnings.

In order to complete the rollover, you must take several aspects into account:

The bets you place must be a maximum of 15 RON, otherwise it is considered that the player has abusive gaming behavior and tries to complete the turnover quickly by placing large bets, which will attract the cancellation of the bonus and winnings
Bets placed on game rounds that have proved non-winning will count towards the minimum rollover
Bonuses are awarded progressively after the player meets the minimum turnover of the first bonus. So, to get the second bonus, you need to complete the rollover for the previous bonus.

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