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What to spend for and for what not?

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Image of educationWe are not talking about the almost compulsory passing through the university but about the subsequent qualifications and courses. Dear, yes. But do not you think that giving 200 or even $ 1,000 for a course and then raising your salary because you become a better specialist is a good and long-term investment? For the opportunities that better education gives in general and in a wide range not to mention. Saving from qualifications can even send you to bad places. Nowadays, the world is evolving so fast that one has to constantly keep track of the novelties in his sphere and learn extra skills. If you’ve stopped, you’re first on the list for potential layoffs.

And you will never advance or get a chance for something better as you might dream (but only with dreams not happening).


Not professional books and textbooks. Novels and fiction. What is this about you? We will now share a proven fact Image of bookabout the brain, television, and books studied with brain activity. When you watch TV, your brain does not work. That’s the way it stops and just becomes a “receiver.” Sounds and pictures literally simply flow into it, it does not have to “move” and handle them especially. And what’s going on? You get a lazy and a slightly atrophied brain. And its good functioning is definitely important to you, is not it?


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But to perceive it, the brain involves the imagination. And it works, it works. But it’s nice, it’s not like solving math problems (nothing, they’re useful). The good news is that it does not matter what you read – serious or lighter literature. Really.

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