Be free or the reasons not to buy a house

Be free or the reasons not to buy a houseThey all are trying to convince you – buy a house, have some certainty, invest in your future, stop wasting your money for rent, settle down. You hear all these things everyday – your parents, your brother, sister, your boss. They all give you this advice, but what they want to show you are the advantages of having a house, while in the reality every coin has two sides and if you are wise enough, or well, not wise, but rational enough, you will take a more general look and you will then realize that NOT buying a house has its priorities as well. So better do not be that naïve and do not fall under the influence of whoever it is, because this is your life, your future. And not having a house may turn out to be the best option for you, the one that will answer your needs, fit your lifestyle and make you happy. And who needs something more? Take a look, here are the undeniable pros of living on rent. Read More

Halkidiki today: the Greek economic crisis against the Greek flawless tranquility

If you are one of those lucky people who have rented a house in the magical Halkidiki or even better have bought a property there and you are travelling soon, you probably want to know what indeed is happening in the country.

Here are the simple facts: yes, the economic crisis in Greece is huge and comprehensive, yes, even the Greeks are kind of confused and are in two minds about the government, the EU help, the euro, the future. It’s all unclear and uncertain. Read More

The Greek financial crisis creates a real estate market boom in Halkidiki

The Greek financial crisis is indeed in all the top articles of every newspaper, magazine or some other kind of information agency. The country most probably won’t be able to repay millions of euros, which its debt is and the future is too uncertain. The banks are closing for a couple of days, ATMs have no money and the tourists are advised to have more cash when they are going for a summer holiday there. This is all true.

But the fact that now is the best moment to buy a house on the magical peninsula in northern Greece, Halkidiki, for instance, is also completely true.

There won’t be a better moment for buying a house in Halkidiki

Greece needs money

Greece needs money now, money that will go in their bank system. The touristic season there goes to plan and is absolutely not affected by the things happening in Athens now. Read More