Be free or the reasons not to buy a house

Be free or the reasons not to buy a houseThey all are trying to convince you – buy a house, have some certainty, invest in your future, stop wasting your money for rent, settle down. You hear all these things everyday – your parents, your brother, sister, your boss. They all give you this advice, but what they want to show you are the advantages of having a house, while in the reality every coin has two sides and if you are wise enough, or well, not wise, but rational enough, you will take a more general look and you will then realize that NOT buying a house has its priorities as well. So better do not be that naïve and do not fall under the influence of whoever it is, because this is your life, your future. And not having a house may turn out to be the best option for you, the one that will answer your needs, fit your lifestyle and make you happy. And who needs something more? Take a look, here are the undeniable pros of living on rent.

You have more capital

Buying a house is indeed a great investment, maybe the biggest someone may make in his life and I doubt that you have so many savings that you will be able to buy a property without taking a loan or mortgaging. However, you will have to spend all you have now. And then you will be left with no capital, which means no travelling, no pleasures, no going out and eating out, no road trips and only holiday spent at home. And if this is the lifestyle you dream of, ok. But I hardly believe that you want and you have a desire, to give up from a trip to Australia only that you can have a house in 30 years.

You are free to move

No, you won’t be in prison when you buy a house, but you simply won’t be able to move in and out so often, you won’t change places and neighborhoods, you won’t be able to meet more people. You will have one and the same flat or house for good. And what if it comes a point when you totally hate it? You have a mortgage, a loan, what would you do? And if you want to live abroad for a year, when someone has just offered you wonderful job in Paris, would you be able to pay for it all? Buying a house makes you dependent and this is definitely not what someone in 21. Century dreams of.

You have fewer responsibilities

You are not only more free, but also more careless. In most of the cases everything is included in the quote you pay – the electricity bill, the Wi-Fi one, etc. So you don’t have that many responsibilities and you may calmly focus on something different – on your career, on your personal growth, on your family. And the only moment you will be inspected would be after the end of tenancy cleaning. Nice, huh?


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