Halkidiki today: the Greek economic crisis against the Greek flawless tranquility

If you are one of those lucky people who have rented a house in the magical Halkidiki or even better have bought a property there and you are travelling soon, you probably want to know what indeed is happening in the country.

Here are the simple facts: yes, the economic crisis in Greece is huge and comprehensive, yes, even the Greeks are kind of confused and are in two minds about the government, the EU help, the euro, the future. It’s all unclear and uncertain. greece-743345_1280But here is another fact: the Greek touristic season is absolutely unaffected by this whole situation and the only problem you can face is the lack of money on the ATM. However, if you are pre-informed and you have enough cash for your trip with yourself, then nothing can go wrong and your whole experience will be nice and unforgettable. The hotels still offer wonderful service, the beaches are still endless, fine and flawless, the sun is still so bright, the sea is beautifully azure and clear, the restaurants still serve the uniquely tasty Greek food and everything is just like it was the list time you visited the peninsula.

And here is another fact: the Greek culture is far more than any other in the world, it has inherited so much from the ancient times and now Greece has so many places to show and so many sights to offer.

But the wise and expressive people here are aware of another thing as well: they know perfectly that no matter what happens next, they will always have their magnificent nature and the enthralling charm of this whole place that attract people from all over the world. And that is why they are calm, like always, the Greek tranquility is catching and eternal.


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