The Greek financial crisis creates a real estate market boom in Halkidiki

The Greek financial crisis is indeed in all the top articles of every newspaper, magazine or some other kind of information agency. The country most probably won’t be able to repay millions of euros, which its debt is and the future is too uncertain. The banks are closing for a couple of days, ATMs have no money and the tourists are advised to have more cash when they are going for a summer holiday there. This is all true.

But the fact that now is the best moment to buy a house on the magical peninsula in northern Greece, Halkidiki, for instance, is also completely true.

There won’t be a better moment for buying a house in Halkidiki

Greece needs money

Greece needs money now, money that will go in their bank system. The touristic season there goes to plan and is absolutely not affected by the things happening in Athens now. If you go in Halkidiki, which is far away from the epicenter of the doings, you will most probably not understand at all that this country is maybe bankrupting soon. The people will be calm and tranquil as always. Yeah, you might see some queues at ATMs, and some people discussing expressively and loudly something, but in a whole everything will be the same.

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And that is why there won’t be a better moment for buying a house there. Never ever. Halkidiki offers you today what it offers you always – endless beaches, beautifully blue sea with absolutely clear water, magical sunshine, nice breeze. Halkidiki is as magical as it always has been, combining the green naturally perfect mountains with the calm sea. And today you can buy a property there, a piece of flawlessness and eternal ticket to happiness, tranquility and joy, for far less than normal. Because they need money, and they know what to offer, as simple as that.

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