Beautiful Maxi Dresses for Slim Girls

A Maxi dress has been in fashion for few years. But it never lost and will never lose its popularity. They are good to wear on all the seasons and to any occasion. You can wear it your beach party above your bikini or you can wear it for your evening party. Because of the comfort they offer, some say that a floral maxi dress is suitable only for summer. 1 But that’s wrong. They can be worn throughout the year. Whether you are tall or short, a floral maxi dress will look fabulous provided you choose the right size and shape. Here are some tips for you to look extraordinary in your maxi dress and grab more eye balls on you.

Choose a maxi based on your body height and weight. If you are slightly heavier in the bottom, choose a maxi that draws attention to the neck and shoulder area. A-line style will be a perfect choice. If you are taller, then choose a more fitted maxi. It will complement your height, and with a rightly paired shoe, you will definitely win the spotlight. If you are petite (less than 5’4”), then be careful while choosing your maxi dress. If you choose it wrong, you may end up looking like a tent. Choose elongated styles, V-Shaped neck which will give an elongated look, and thereby it will show you taller. Choose the colors that are more similar to your skin tone. This will elongate your short body frame. Vertical, slim prints are your best choice.

With nice accessories and shoes, you can enhance your style in the long maxi dress. A plain white maxi dress can be matched with gold necklace with pendant and a pearl ear ring and a nice bracelet. Boots are strict no2-no with your long dress. You can wear high heeled sandals or sandals that are strapped suit the best with your long dress.

If you have got your maxi dresses slightly loose? Don’t get tensed. You can solve your problem by just wearing a suitable belt and look even trendier. With a white maxi dress, you can wear a brown threaded belt or a good red coloured belt. You can dress up your maxi for formal as well as casual occasions with appropriate accessories.

The credit card – a blessing or a curse

You like the idea of having one of those, it’s a freedom, you are able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to count how much money you have in your pocket. It’s nice, it’s pretty nice indeed. But too often, when we are having a credit card in the purse we fail to ask ourselves: could I afford this? Isn’t it too expensive and do I need it indeed? Too many stupid and unnecessary purchases are made with the help of those holy credit cards only. And still the question is: more advantages or more disadvantages? Is this plastic card a blessing or a curse? Here are two myths about its use and the real facts as well, take a look.   Read More

The new shoelace trend and where you could buy the best ones 

All over the world men and women can be spotted wearing shoes with some untraditional, trendy and new shoelaces. But why are the black or the white normal ones today not up to date? Well, they are simple and somehow powerful, but fashion is all about details and these days they are what indeed matters. Your outfit is not completed at all if you don’t manage to perfectly match some little things – like the bag, the belt, the shoelaces. They seem to be the main character lately and no matter if you are looking at some well-dressed people on the red carpet or simply at some stunningly looking men walking around Milano, you will be amazed. But this whole fashion is completely not impractical, not at all. It is indeed really useful. You have that pair of white shoes or sneakers you really like, they are comfortable and awesome, but a little bit boring.

Have some different high-quality shoelaces and every single time you will be wearing a new pair of shoes. And thus you can refresh an old one and make them look completely new, completely transformed. These shoelaces offer everything a person in 21. Century might want and they make you look uniquely, impressively, differently. They even can fit your emotions and sensations.

And isn’t it all about this? Don’t we strive for perfection? Don’t we want to always outstand? You are now probably totally convinced, that not having some colorful, different and enthralling shoelaces is a crime, but the next logical question is where you could find them?

Buying shoelaces is all about your desire

Buying shoelaces is all about your desire to be unique and not to melt into the crowd, so getting ones from the store in the mall, should not be an option at all. There are, however, some wonderful online shops where you can buy shoe laces, which are totally incredible. You can find there a wide selection of them of the highest quality ever. They are in different colors, prints, lengths and forms. In their website you can find out which shoelaces are suitable for the type of shoes you have, which are the most trendy ones and they even offer you to create a unique pattern of shoelaces combining two favorite colors of yours.

The choice of shoelaces has never been so easy

The choice of shoelaces has never been so easy and so hard in the same time – being able to choose of so many is both a blessing and a curse. However, with the fashion tips given, you will eventually reach the best decision for sure and right after that, you can pay them securely and soon you can hold them in your hands. The best news is that they are delivered fast and you simply receive them just like a normal letter.

So you better not lose more time and go check them on the instant, because as soon as you order ones, you will be able to outstand with a delightful and splendid outfit.