Beautiful Maxi Dresses for Slim Girls

A Maxi dress has been in fashion for few years. But it never lost and will never lose its popularity. They are good to wear on all the seasons and to any occasion. You can wear it your beach party above your bikini or you can wear it for your evening party. Because of the comfort they offer, some say that a floral maxi dress is suitable only for summer. 1 But that’s wrong. They can be worn throughout the year. Whether you are tall or short, a floral maxi dress will look fabulous provided you choose the right size and shape. Here are some tips for you to look extraordinary in your maxi dress and grab more eye balls on you.

Choose a maxi based on your body height and weight. If you are slightly heavier in the bottom, choose a maxi that draws attention to the neck and shoulder area. A-line style will be a perfect choice. If you are taller, then choose a more fitted maxi. It will complement your height, and with a rightly paired shoe, you will definitely win the spotlight. If you are petite (less than 5’4”), then be careful while choosing your maxi dress. If you choose it wrong, you may end up looking like a tent. Choose elongated styles, V-Shaped neck which will give an elongated look, and thereby it will show you taller. Choose the colors that are more similar to your skin tone. This will elongate your short body frame. Vertical, slim prints are your best choice.

With nice accessories and shoes, you can enhance your style in the long maxi dress. A plain white maxi dress can be matched with gold necklace with pendant and a pearl ear ring and a nice bracelet. Boots are strict no2-no with your long dress. You can wear high heeled sandals or sandals that are strapped suit the best with your long dress.

If you have got your maxi dresses slightly loose? Don’t get tensed. You can solve your problem by just wearing a suitable belt and look even trendier. With a white maxi dress, you can wear a brown threaded belt or a good red coloured belt. You can dress up your maxi for formal as well as casual occasions with appropriate accessories.


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