The credit card – a blessing or a curse

You like the idea of having one of those, it’s a freedom, you are able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to count how much money you have in your pocket. It’s nice, it’s pretty nice indeed. But too often, when we are having a credit card in the purse we fail to ask ourselves: could I afford this? Isn’t it too expensive and do I need it indeed? Too many stupid and unnecessary purchases are made with the help of those holy credit cards only. And still the question is: more advantages or more disadvantages? Is this plastic card a blessing or a curse? Here are two myths about its use and the real facts as well, take a look.  

One missed payment won’t do any harm 

It’s not time for shopping any more, but it’s the end of the month and you have just received the excerpt from your bank account and thus you understand that you have bought far too many things this last month and you owe more than you can give now. So what are you doing is, telling (deluding) yourself that one missed payment won’t do any harm. Bullshit. It will for sure damage your credit score and when you are buying a car, a house or taking a loan, it’s pretty important. If you have the money, but are too absent-minded, set an automatic pay and thus don’t miss a payment ever again.

Using credit and debit card has no difference

Well, this is totally untrue. The debit card has a limit and it’s the money you have in your bank account. So if you’re using it only, you won’t have to pay any late fees and interest rates. Using a credit card, however, is a little bit risky, so you better be careful.

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