How I spent a day in Halkidiki or why there is no place more magical than this

When you wake up in one of those luxurious hotels on the shore of a fancy resort, you are going down to the restaurant with the lift and you can have a breakfast just like any other on Earth. There is nothing fancy in Halkidiki, this place is wild and real and so honest, oh, so honest. Nothing and no one tries to delude you – there won’t be an elevator in your hotel and I doubt that you will need one, because when you wake up you will find yourself in paradise – the noise of the waves could be hardly heard, but the salty, humid air which had made your hair just as salty and messy and your body weightless, you will feel perfectly clear. Half awake you will go to one of those authentic little bakeries where the odour itself will make you feel uniquely and you will take one of the many delis here – home-made, with passion and love, carrying the tastes of the Ancient Greeks, which were carried through generations for so long. With the breakfast by your side, you won’t lose more time and you will go to the beach – this piece of perfection, the endless and beautiful azure sea combined with the fine sand and the green and wild mountain not far away, makes this whole experience a lot more than a simple sunbath around a pool in LA, or in Cannes or anywhere other, but here in Greece, the home of tranquillity and carelessness, where these two are the greatest national values. The beach could be your home, you feel, there is nothing more you might need – a lounge with cushions you have, where you can comfortably lay and cuddle all day, a nice refreshing caffeine drink you have as well – the Greek frappe is something you should try before you die for sure, sunbeams that fondle the skin and delight your whole body you have as well, and only then you understand why this whole civilization is born here – the people, who have found the pure bliss and who have known every single dimension of pleasure, had everything needed and started wanting more and looking for more. The day is passing by so fast that the position of the sun and the coming sunset are the only things that remind you to leave this piece of heaven for today and to go find something more enthralling. Walking down one of the crowded streets of a town in Halkidiki, or why not a village, you will choose a taverna to have a dinner in, and then a whole mixture of tastes will please and soothe you and will prove you that this place is not by chance so favourite of those who know that the little things in life are the ones that matter. At the end of the day, you will know one thing for sure – the ticket for an eternal happiness is only a summer home purchase away. I contacted the real estate agent the next morning, I knew what I wanted.



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