Magical trip

“Do you believe in magic?”, people have been asking me since I was a little happy, always smiley child. Concrete and cogent was my answer for some time, this was time of fairy tales and Father Christmas and falling stars and wishes over birthday cakes with not so many candles, a time of carelessness and freedom, unrealized and insufficiently appreciated, “of course, I do”, I always said. Something changed drastically while I was growing up and reality happened and I turned out to be somehow skeptical and mistrustful, things like injustice and broken hearts, the pain in the eyes of someone I love, the misery in my own heart, the calamities and the tragedy showed me that life is not full of unicorns and butterflies and rainbows and this made me stronger and braver and better in some weird way like I wanted to be an opposition of this evil world, I want to at least save myself.

Today I am somewhere in between, do I believe in magic though?  

I am walking through cities I have never been before, I am meeting people, polite and friendly and always helping, I am climbing in the mountains and the fresh air there makes me think fresh, I am diving in the deep waters of seas and oceans and the whole world there undiscovered and save, reveals new perspectives. Boats, airplanes and cars and buses and trains, travelling in one of them or in them all, I lose notion of distance, of time. Life is simple, they say. Going to stations and museums and parks, endless beaches, or crowded bars, high buildings and low-water-marks, with passport in my hand and a heart full of smiles, I ask myself, do I believe in magic? Travelling brings it to your soul and makes you fly and cry and laugh and be so flawlessly happy that you will believe even in the happily-ever-after of that eternal story of the love of a prince and a princess. Life is simple, find the magic in your heart.



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